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If your leadership team doesn't collaborate well and your frontliners aren't as productive as they could be, you as an executive may be frustrated because you're not seeing the growth your company needs. Maurice Velasquez has helped hundreds of companies throughout the Capital Region face these challenges head-on, providing them with effective executive and management tools to turn things around. 

The lifelong business owner, executive, and publisher is a leadership and management coach who trains executives, middle managers, and frontline supervisors how to rebuild long-lasting alignment, collaboration, and high-performance teams at every level of the organization. 

Business owners who bring his program into their workplace consider it a great success. "Maurice's Alignment Model really works!" one Baton Rouge CEO has confided.


"Our leaders and managers step up. Everyone becomes more engaged. Our frontliners become more effective, and we practice it long after Maurice exits the building!"

What differentiates Maurice's approach from others is his unique style of delivering practical solutions that become powerful habits, and combining it with tailored reinforcement coaching after the training to ensure long-lasting results. 

His program, training, and expertise are accessible through public seminars, onsite training customized for your team, at public seminars, and in his online on-demand library at mauricetraining.com

"The greatest things managers and leaders can do is help their frontliners supervisors and teams become highly productive and effective," Maurice says. "But this doesn't just happen. It's intentional. It takes focus. It takes care."

Mentoring. Consulting. Training.

 Build high-performance teams at each level of the organization and is looking for companies and organizations who want to develop their executives, managers, and supervisors into strong, cohesive, highly collaborative teams.