Download the books. Read the blue one first. Each one takes less than 1 hour to read. Share it with your managers. Use self-assessments at the back of each book. Discuss with your supervisors where to make adjustments and improvements. Contact Maurice for any questions or help.

Building High Performance Teams

A Management Guide to Developing People and Teams to their Highest Potential

In this guide, Maurice dives into the attitudes, characteristics, habits, tools, and habits that managers and supervisors can use on a daily basis to help each of their individual team members, and their teams as a whole, to become high performing and consistently successful. This doesn't "just happen". It has to be intentional, but it is doable. It's not easy, but it is certainly the most professionally rewarding thing a manager can do. This guide helps you how. Powerful, applicable, game-changing! 


Journeying Beyond the Storm

A Traveling Guide for Executives and Managers 

Read this guide after you read "Building High Performance Teams". This guide identifies how "STORMING" sets teams, managers, and executives back from being able to collaborate across department lines, and from being able to execute projects on the same page. Maurice then dives into the disciplines and tools that are needed to overcome storming, get traction, and become a more aligned, unified management team. The Appendices alone are worth the book. Read it with your leadership team and use the self-evaluation to identify gaps for improvement.