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Executives and managers, are you ready for game-changing insights and strategies?

Maurice explores the world of COOs and the most common mistakes executives and companies make when considering and hiring them.

From when to bring in a COO versus when to bring on a Director of Operations, the pros/cons of assigning COO duties to a CFO’s, and the “head space” needed in top leaders before bringing in a COO. We will cover a lot of the challenges companies and owners have as they seek to expand, scale, and grow.

Maurice will be joined by a special guest, Joel Kahn. Joel is a seasoned COO and has been a COO for companies like Gparency, a FinTech startup, and Converse Electric.

Here are some of the topics we will discuss in this podcast: 
1. What’s the biggest concerns executives have for not bringing in COO’s?
2. What’s the biggest bad habits executives and leadership teams trip over that hinders them from not getting the best out of their new COO’s?
3. When does a company need a COO and when should they hire instead a Director of Operations?
4. Should companies assign COO tasks to CFO’s? When is that good and when is it not?
5.…..and much more!!!


Guest: Joel Khan

LinkedIn: Joel Khan 
Email: [email protected]
Joel Khan's Twitter

Host: Maurice Velasquez

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Maurice is a seasoned coach, trainer, and facilitator. For the past 25 years, Maurice has worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals around the country to overcome the common obstacles to collaboration, and he provides you with practical and proven strategies that work to build leadership throughout your organization, and help you increase your bottom line.


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