May 25, 2022

Videos are a part of everyone's lives. Before you found this blog on your timeline, you watched a video. If not, I’m sure you’ll watch one before you get back to work. You are going to consume a handful of videos today. Every video you watch, whether it is attached to a company or not, is pushing a brand. The good ones, the entertaining and informative ones, those get the kind of attention you can’t buy, viral attention. It’s the kind of attention that can turn things around for your company. It’s advertising. More to the point, it's the kind of advertising that, if you aren’t working on getting it now, you are dangerously close to being too late. This is something that the biggest corporations know as well. Having a giant brand is not enough anymore, but consistency in releasing engaging content is. The good news is you can do this with little investment.

So, here is how you can start building your audience with Video Production:

1. DO IT RIGHT, BUT NOT PERFECT - Create excitement in your teams about doing this, and invest the necessary time to do it well. Do not put out a bad product. If it is bad everyone smells it. For the sake of your brand, it is better to not do it than to release a bad video. But remember, you are not making a Marvel movie here. It does not have to look perfect. In fact, do not get held up on anything looking perfect. That will slow you down and you’ll need speed to make this work. Brainstorm ideas that your company can afford in terms of time and budget. Don’t write a script if nobody is good as that, don’t hire actors if you can’t afford them, and don’t buy the nicest editing software if you don’t have time to learn it.

2. FOCUS ON THE SIMPLE YET USEFUL CONTENT - For example, a great video could be an AC installer changing a unit while pointing out “The 3 Ways To Save Money On Heating Bills This Winter” or a biochemist talking about “Why You Can Hate Math And Still Love Engineering”. There are countless inexpensive methods that you can create. People love that. People watch that. Make it informative. Make it engaging.

3. HOW TO CREATE - Be your audience. Think about the people you serve, what do they normally want to know from you? What is it that usually confuses or intrigues them about your company’s process? What were the exciting things about your industry that got you interested when you first started? Ask yourself questions that spark passion in you about any subject relating to your company, write it down, and build a video idea around it.

4. FILM! - This is the toughest part. It might hurt sitting down in front of a camera after pressing record, but it gets easier. If it is too much, find someone in your company or a friend that is willing to be your “actor”. Most important though is making sure the filming happens. You might not be thrilled with the product for the first few times. That is not just okay, it is necessary.

5. REPEAT - You’ve put your first company video on Youtube, made the Facebook post, get a few “likes” on Twitter. Ignore whatever attention the video gets; it might be a lot, it might be a little, it might be nothing at all, just ignore it. Get ready to film your next video. Remember that it will take time to build a following. When the following finds you, they will want to consume as much of your video library as possible, so fill that library up so they can find you.

Remember that this is an investment, but the videos do not succeed because of the money you put into them. It’s the passion that shines out. If you are doing what you love, that doesn’t cost anything. Start today!