May 25, 2022

Introverts are often overlooked. It is assumed that they don’t know what to say or don’t care about what is going on. That could not be further from the truth - introverts think before speaking because speaking to facts/data is more important than the speed of an answer. They also believe rules are made to be followed and like to get them in writing (because then it becomes a process). However, there are different types of introverts. Some are talkative. Some are analytical.

Here are the 3 different types of introverts:

1. “People People” Introvert - More talkative than the introverts, but in small groups. Give energy and enthusiasm, while being process-driven and concerned about ‘the how’. Not so focused on details and data.

2. “The” Introvert - Processes and the ‘how’ is important, along with the details and data. They see these two (process and data) as working hand in hand together - can’t have one without the other. Talkative after someone has broken the ice and they get to know you.

3. “Detail-Oriented” Introvert - Data/numbers focused, their projects and answers to questions are driven by this. In their eyes, no need for small talk. They can’t get to ‘the how’ unless the numbers/data and budget make sense. They will only give answers that pertain to the question being asked.

If you are communicating with any of these introverts, we like to follow the 6-second rule. It’s a simple rule. When you make a comment, proposal, or question and are waiting for them to respond, count to 6 in your head. That way the introverts can think without having the pressure of answering quickly.