May 25, 2022

Like on any trip, you have to set the journey and see the big picture of how you plan to get from A to B. At this point, you don’t get too deeply into the details because you are only mapping out the big picture. But setting the picture is important because if you can agree on the basics, the journey will be possible.

This journey of growth has two directions:

Your executive goals are being communicated down to the teams and your teams’ problems.

Ideas being communicated to the executives.

This may seem basic, but often times storms will cloud our focus. Our focus should be on reaching company goals and taking care of the needs of our front-liners and customers. That’s the journey, and in order to weather any storm, we have to regularly be revisiting and realigning all we do to our goals. This means fixing things that are broken, things that keep us from moving ahead.

Here we need to ask ourselves two key questions:

Do we have our 6-12 months executive goals or list of Top Projects clearly defined and published?

Do we have a list from the front-liners of the problems, ideas, and issues that need to be addressed or fixed?

Start generating these documents so everyone can have the same direction and focus.

Your company's goals must be regularly communicated to the teams; likewise, problems, ideas, and issues from the front-liners must be regularly communicated to your executives.

With the basic journey set out, we can then discuss how the travelers work better together to make this journey possible.